Membership Plan


K Family Dentistry

Family Membership

Join K Family Dentistry's very own Membership Plan and get the quality dental care you need!


per patient/per year


per additional family member /per year

*valid for spouse and children only

 2 Free Dental Exams


Comprehensive Oral Examination (Initial Exam) including required X-rays



Periodic Oral Examination (Recall/Routine Exam) including required X-rays

 2 Free Dental Cleanings



(Basic cleaning with polish)


Periodontal maintenance

 4 Limited Oral Examination

 (Emergency Exam)

 /year with required X-rays

20% Discount on all dental treatments


15% Discount on all treatments if financing through Greensky or Denefits


50% Discount on in-office whitening


K Family Dentistry

Membership Benefits

We're giving our non-insured patients something to smile about! We have our very own membership plan! It’s an affordable plan that we offer our patients that will help save $$ on all of your dental treatment. We are committed to helping our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles!

  • No Pre-Authorizations

  • No Annual Maximums

  • No Deductibles

  • No Waiting period

  • No Denied Claims

  • No Material Downgrades

  • No Missing Tooth Clauses

Enjoy discounted dental fees and save hundreds to thousands of dollars on dental treatments for you and your family!


Limitations and Guidelines

This is a dental membership plan for non-insured patients, and cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan or dental insurance. Membership Fees are non-refundable.

Sample Discount Fees (20%) of Most Common Procedures for 2020

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